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  • XY-6 Drilling Rig
XY-6 Drilling Rig

XY-6 Drilling Rig

  • Product description: XY-6 Drilling Rig, drilling machine, nq, hq, pq

XY-6 is a core drilling rig with large drilling capability and greatly improved. It mainly used for industries like geology,metallurgy,coal,hydrology,civil engineering projects,etc. It's alsosuitable for geological prospection,shallow petroleum and fas exploration,mining ventilatio,sewage drilling, water well drilling and large piling hole drilling .

1. Drilling Capability
Core Drilling
 Drill Rods Type (mm) (m)
China Domestic Drill Rods Inner Outer Flat Drill Rod φ54×6 2200
φ67×6 1700
Inner Reinforced Drill Rod φ50×5.5 2550
φ60×6 1900
Wire-Line Drill Rod φ55.5×4.75 2600
φ71×5 1900
φ89×5 1500
DCDMA Drill Rods

Inner Reinforced Drill Rods

BW 2600
NW 1950
HW 1400
Wire-Line Drill Rod BQ 2700
NQ 2300
HQ 1800
2. Drill Angle 90°~80°(360°)
3. Engine Model Power RPM Weight
(1) Electro-Motor Y280S-4 75KW 1480 r/min 560kg
(2) Diesel Engine YC6B135Z-D20 90KW 1500 r/min 650kg
4. Rotary Table
Type: Dual Hydraulic Cylinder Feeding Mechanical Rotary Type
Spindle Through Hole Diameter φ116mm
Spindle Rotary Speed
Forward(r/min) 79   120   190    210   320   370   570   980
Reverse(r/min) 45  138
Max Spindle Torque 8500N·m
Spindle Travel 600mm
Max Spindle Lifting Force 200kN
Max Spindle Feeding Force 150kN
5. Hoist
Type: Planetary Gearing Engaging
Steel Rope Diameter φ21.5mm
Bobbin Capacity 120m
Max Pulling Capability(single rope) 90kN
Pulling Speed
Bobbin Rope Speed(m/s) 0.77  1.33  2.07  3.55  2.35  4.00  6.28  10.77
6. Clutch
Type: Auman Automobile 380 Clutch
7. Hydraulic System
(1) System Pressure
Nominal Pressure 8MPa
Max Pressure 12MPa
(2) Oil Pump
Type: Gear Oil Pump CBQL-F525/F520-CLH
Displacement 25/20mL/r
Nominal Speed 2500 r/min
Nominal Pressure 20/20MPa
Max Pressure 25/25MPa
8. Frame
Type: Sliding(with sliding base plate)
Rig Travel Distance 600mm
Distance allowable for
handling drill tooling
9. Dimension(L*W*H) 4000×1350×2300mm(With Diesel Engine)
3790×1350×2300mm(With Electro-Motor)
10. Rig Weight(Engine Not Included) 4600kg


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